Practical blogs and websites

Art for Small Hands is a fantastic blog, aimed at people who do craft and art with children. It has loads of great ideas and lesson plans.  I have found it really useful as a reminder of the simple and effective techniques out there.

Creative blogs I follow

Gillian Lee Smith

is a mixed media artist and crafts person who writes a very interesting blog. It can be very personal and at the same time is really insightful into the life of an artist.  I follow her blog for professional inspiration.

Textile Alchemy

is my friend Claire’s blog.  She doesn’t post regularly, but what she does post it is really interesting.  She is a textile artist very much inspired by the Yorkshire Dales and the lives of 17th and 18th Century women who quietly got on with the job of making the world a better place.

Angie Thompson is an illustrator who I met last year. She has recently resumed blogging, showing her illustrations for the poem “The Death and Burial of Poor Cock Robin”.  I enjoy her illustrations, they have a dark and atmospheric aspect to them which appeals to my taste!